Caroline C Kimberley

an Artist and her Art

the Artist

Hello, I'm Caroline, a versatile artist based in the market town of Skipton, North Yorkshire, UK.

I happily work from home. I don't really have a studio, I work wherever and however I like in a very relaxed way, it suits my work, my productivity and me.


From making random things from whatever I could find, sketching anything & everything and trying to imitate images I saw, to having a mind bursting with creative ideas, ART has always been the biggest part of me and my life.

I studied various art and design courses at my local college from leaving school, too.

If I'm not doing arty things, I'm thinking of creative potentials. If I'm not "working" then I'm probably embarking on my own, personal projects arty projects.

My interests, in some way or another, often inspire or plant seeds of inspiration into my consciousness.

My interests vary massively, below is an idea of those things ...

*Horror: In all its ghastly shades*

*Surrealism: Weird, odd, Fantasy*

*Comedy: Dark, Sarcastic, Tongue-In-Cheek, Observational*

*Music: Rock, Retro, Cheesy, British, International*

*Words: Colourful Adjectives and Constructive Word Play*

*Literature: Classic tales of Fantasy and Whimsical Characters*

*Philosophy, Psychology, History, Paranormal, The Imagination*

Why, do I do what I do? I make art because, although I'm sure I'd be good at other things, it's the only thing that I truly put my all in to. It stresses me out and relaxes me in equal measure. It's the thing I turn to regardless to which of my changeable moods I'm in. It's something I don't need anyone else for, it's something I do myself and get the credit for. The biggest compliment is having someone own a piece of my art.



the Art

  I mostly work in, Acrylic & Watercolour when painting, but I do use Oils, too. I would describe my painting style as expressive; using bold, vivid and confident colours in contrast with black for maximum, visual impact.

  My drawings mostly begin, and sometimes remain as traditional pencil/graphite depictions.

Sometimes I incorporate coloured pencil (it adds a soft, flash of colour, picking out notable elements of an image). Oil Pastels are thoroughly fun to manipulate into portraits, too, and create, what I like to believe, are dynamic portrayals.

One of my biggest passions is sitting down with a needle and threads and making completely unique, "raggy" sculptures. The largest portion of my textiles is in the form of Ragdolls. I began an ongoing project a few years ago called "CuckooLand", which combines my interests of Horror, Freak shows and the generally peculiar.

The characters of this fictional CuckooLand are made into one-off, original, hand crafted rag dolls. I also create novelty, kitsch pieces of fabric-based art. One of my favourite pieces was an anatomical, heart sculpture.

While I follow a self-directed path with enthusiasm, I also take commissions, so please,

don't fear, post me a message and we'll see what we can do :-)

Most commissions are accepted and executed to high, professional and well-received standards.