Paintings and Drawings - Portraits, Still Life, Fantasy Art and Fan Art
Crafts - Ragdolls and some of my other creations
CuckooLand Range of Dolls
Alice In Wonderland Textile Piece
Handmade Paper
What are the ragdolls made from and how are they made?

Every doll and raggy, soft thing begins life as just a pile of fabric, stuffing and buttons etc. It's probably 50% new and 50% recycled.


After dreaming up an idea (usually mentally), I form a basic shape that depicts the character (if it's a doll or creature) using stuffed shapes of fabric. I like to make sure each part is well attached. I call these figures "carcasses".

Rag doll making is quite time consuming, making every little element and ensuring it's well made. Adding details and clothes to the dolls is obviously my favourite part of construction and is ultimately what gives them their unique style. Each piece of clothing is tailored to each individual doll and is secured to the doll. More often than not, the clothes cannot be removed.

Handmade Paper Making

- Rip and shred old, used paper from magazines, letters, old art etc
- Blend to a pulp
- Fill a handmade deckle frame, stretched with net, with the pulp
- Flip out & press out excess water
- Press between towels with heavy weight for a week or two
- Iron paper to finish drying and keep flat (it does buckle a bit sometimes, which is charming along with the rustic handmade edges)